Show 1: 18 January 2013

Stand Up Tragedy came to the Hackney Attic on the 18th January 2013

Acts that made it in through the snow  The Sound of the LadiesGráinne MaguiretKit Lovelace, Lou SandersStephe Harrop, Joe Murphy from Sergeant BuzFuz, Andle Bodle, Timandra Harkness and James McKay reciting from the book of Ezekiel!

The night was hosted, as usual, by Dave Pickering, host of Spark London’s Hackney Attic Open Mic and award nominated/Radio 5 Live-featured podcast Getting Better Acquainted.

Kit Lovelace

is a writer, journalist and hopeless romantic. In 2011, he turned his actual, real-life love life into a Choose Your Own Adventure-style story for the Guardian. The weekly column “My Love Life In Your Hands” documented his attempts to find love by letting a committee of strangers make all of the important decisions for him. It didn’t always work out too well.






Joe Murphy

is the leader of alternative folk band Sergeant Buzfuz. His songs are a blend of the pop, post-punk and folk he grew up listening to in Sheffield and storytelling in the Irish tradition of his ancestors.

The fifth Sergeant Buzfuz album “Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself” (April 2012) chronicled the story of the first fourteen centuries of the papacy. Gideon Coe played tracks six times on his BBC 6 Music show.  Crime writer Ian Rankin became a fan and included the album in his top albums of 2012. Joe performed “Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself” for 16 nights at the Edinburgh Free Fringe in August 2012.

Sergeant Buzfuz have played live BBC 6 sessions for Marc Riley and Tom Robinson (twice).

For ten years (2002-12) Joe ran the monthly Blang nights at London’s 12 Bar Club.  In 2005 he formed the Blang label which has released over 40 records by artists including Thomas Truax, David Cronenberg’s Wife and Sheepy.

Joe has collaborated onstage with Jeffrey Lewis, Seth Faergolzia, Thomas Truax and Sky Saxon and on recordings with Chris T-T, Thomas Truax and The Band Of Holy Joy. He has co-written a song, “The Pint Of No Return”, with Tom Robinson (as yet un-recorded).

Praise for “Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself”:
“It’s mental – in a good way! Absolutely hooked on it” IAN RANKIN (AUTHOR)
“One of my favourite songs for some time… I love its spirit, I love the idea behind it, I love the fact it’s like nothing else I’ve ever heard” MARK LAMARR, BBC RADIO 2

James McKay

has been performing and promoting poetry and spoken word since the year 2000.  FOLLOW ON, his poetry-and-prog album with The Morris Quinlan Experience, made it onto BBC Radio 2; his first published collection QUIET CIRCUS (from Vintage Poison Press) is still very much available; his NEW POPULAR RECITER project, of which this performance of the King James translation of the Old Testament is part, will culminate in a show of the same name at the PBH Free Fringe in Edinburgh this August.  Keep up with it all at


Stephe Harrop

Stephe Harrop is a performance storyteller whose spare, vivid and urgent style evokes powerful visions of vanished and fantastical worlds.

At Stand Up Tragedy she’ll be sharing a telling an old English fairytale, a spine-tingling, blood-spattered tale of skulduggery and adventure – just the thing for a dark winter’s evening. Find out more at


Andy Bodle 

is a journalist and scriptwriter and a regular performer at
Spark, London’s first true storytelling club.

He writes a weekly blog about sex and science at :
Twitter: @_Womanology_





Lou Sanders

Named as one of the top comic’s to watch out for in The Sun, London is Funny, Fest Magazine and Dave TV

“Lou is not like most comedians and when she rips a room, she really
rips it hard… she always ensures a memorable live performance”
– The Sun

“‘From the crazy off-beat surrealism of Lou Sanders, it seems like
something new is happening in comedy.’
– The Independent

The Sound of the Ladies

are makers of music and singers of songs about sadness and joy and songs about science and ideas; songs about stuff that grows on the ocean floor and helps your libido, songs about a man with one million heads and one million hands; songs about mathematicians thrown into the sea for their dangerous ideas; songs about the power of love to drive away nightmares.




Timandra Harkness

Timandra has just finished touring Your Days Are Numbered: the maths of death in the UK, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival with Matt Parker. Which meant she was probably the only comedian to be on tour while also having an article in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. She is now working on new stuff. This is some of it.

“Harkness has a deadly wit” The Scotsman

“Exponentially funny” Three Weeks


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