What is standup Tragedy?

A regular podcast and live show where people get up on stage and do some tragedy: part cabaret, part variety show.

Stand Up Tragedy is a night where people stand up and tell tragedy. We make you sad; we make you think; we make you smile. Expect music, comedy, fiction, spoken word, true stories and more, all playing up to the tragic form but not always taking it seriously. The night ends, not with a whimper, not with a bang, but with a cathartic sing-a-long.

Past acts performing at standup tragedy have included the likes of Josie Long, Ben Target, Grace Petrie, Lou Sanders, Emily Capell and Jay Foreman

Standup tragedy was featured in the independent in July 2012: HERE and our first 2013 show was given a great review in January 2013 by The London Word: HERE

Acts that joined us in Edinburgh

  • clare ferguson walker
    Clare Ferguson-Walker

     ”I am a sculptor, a singer, a performance poet, a curator, a writer, and a stand- up comedienne. I sing in a duo called “The Newly Deads” and as a performance poet I have won various awards and am getting regular bookings for the usual gubbbins, literature festivals and the like. I am also currently […]

  • human loire
    The Human Loire

    The Human Loire is a comedy act, and a series of comedy acts, performed by Michael Brunström. Description The Loire is the longest river in France. I am a human. Hence: Human Loire. The Human Loire is an comedy act, or a stunt, or a series of acts and stunts, performed by Michael Brunström, winner […]

  • Njambi McGrath
    Njambi McGrath

    Njambi has been described as “the hottest thing to come out of Africa since the Sahara”. She performs regularly on the London circuit including the Comedy Store, Comedy Café, Leicester Square Theatre, Drayton Arms, Top Secret Comedy, Downstairs at the Kings Head, Up the Creek, Mirth Control, Soho Comedy Club, Monkey Business Kentish Town, Charing […]

  • storybeast
    John Henry Falle / The Storybeast

    John Henry Falle is The Story Beast. He’s full of myths and stories and shit. He tweets from @TheStoryBeast. “A bearded force of Nature” – cf. The Guardian Oh, he has many names: Apollo-Dionysus, Llewelyn The Skipping Druid…Peter Gabriel…but he promises he’ll get it right this time possessing the loudest 4th of The Beta Males, […]

  • samantha mann
    Samantha Mann

    Samantha Mann is a private individual and sometime performer living in London. “A minutely observed comic creation” Roger Cox, The Scotsman. “Delightfully feminist… a feel-good hit” Chella Quint, The F-Word Comedy “Consummate and delightful” Isla van Tricht, Broadway Baby http://charlesadrian.typepad.com/samantha/ At the Fringe: Stories about Love, Death and a Rabbit:https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/stories-about-love-death-and-a-rabbit 2-23rd at 15.10 at Dragonfly as […]

  • rosie wilby
    Rosie Wilby

    Rosie Wilby is a comedian, musician, writer and broadcaster based in London. ​ As a comedian, she has performed at Sydney Mardi Gras, The Comedy Store, Latitude Festival and on Radio 4. As a musician she has performed at Glastonbury Festival, Ronnie Scotts and on Carlton TV. “Talented performer with a winning self-deprecating personality..” Bruce […]

  • harv

    We normally keep Harv in a box at the back of the venue, an arrangement that is altogether better for everyone involved. When he gets out he likes to sing songs about syphillis and serial murder, which is most likely what he’ll be doing when we let him out this time

  • Joz Norris
    Joz Norris

    Character comedy: “Norris has created a genuinely brilliant character, performed with a confidence that belies his years and a pomp that defies the room. The audience loves every second…Norris is a real talent, and one to watch for the future.” – The Skinny http://www.joznorris.co.uk/ See more of Joz: Joz Norris Has Gone Missing,     […]

  • Dan Simpson
    Dan Simpson

    Dan is a spoken word poet and compère, poetry projects and event organiser, workshop facilitator and writer. His poetry deals with love and literature, science and stars,  people and Pac-Man. Her is the Canterbury Laureate for Canterbury Festival, he compères The Word House in London and also create crowdsourced poetry. See more of Dan: http://dansimpsonpoet.wordpress.com/ […]

  • Nina Gray
    Nina Gray

    Nina is a young writer, podcaster and activist. She is currently making the regular podcast series I Don’t Get… and writing a story a week on her project 52 stories. http://fifty2stories.tumblr.com/

  • Dave Pickering
    Dave Pickering

    Writer, performer, musician, podcaster. The host of Stand Up Tragedy, Getting Better Acquainted and the Hackney branch of Spark London. Nominated for Sony Radio Award and A Radio Production Award. http://goosefat101.blogspot.com/ See more of Dave at: Getting Better Acquainted at the Free Fringe: Banshee Labyrinth 12th and 13th August at 1.40pm

  • James Ross
    James Ross

    James is an award-winning improv comedian and founder of Fat Kitten Improv.. He has gone solo and currently also duo and is currently very active on the stand-up scene. He ran Better Living Througfh Comedy in Camden for years. See more of James: Ross vs Violich – Pistols at 3.55pm at the Free Fringe, The […]

  • Sofia walker
    Sophia Walker

    Sophia Walker is BBC Slam Champion 2013, London Poetry Olympics 2012 Winner, Best Spoken Word Show 2013 (PBH Free Fringe): Around The World in Eight Mistakes. “I’m a touring poet and teaching artist, typically found wandering some random European city, poeting at will. I have six years of experience, a Master’s in Social Work with […]

  • Jay Foreman
    Jay Foreman

    Jay Foreman is a comedy singer-songwriter from North London. In 2011 and 2012 he supported comedian Dave Gorman on his “Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation” tour. “Sharp and sophisticated… classy and funny ★★★★” (Steve Bennett, Chortle) http://www.jayforeman.co.uk/ See more of Jay: Jay Foreman: No More Colours, Pleasence Courtyard, 31st July – 26th August at 8.45pm

  • lucy mermaid
    Lucy Ayrton

    Writes poems, fiction and reviews. Her first solo show, Lullabies To Make Your Children Cry, made a splash at Edinburgh 2013, it’s also now available as a pamphlet and as an album. Co-hosts Oxford Hammer & Tongue. Semi professional rabble rouser. Best Newcomer, PBH Spoken Word Free Fringe, 2012 Best Spoken Word Show, Second Place, […]

  • matt highton
    Matthew Highton

    “It was a Sunday when I chased the last snake out of my village, I was eleven and the world was still young. The villagers relieved but mistrusting sent me out into the world to fend for myself. Despondent, lost, I vowed this shan’t be the end… Now I’m a comedian, a surreal storyteller and […]

  • allan girod
    Allan Girod

    Allan is the most vertically successful person we know. Despite spending many years trying to be ‘normal’, he clearly is not. Completing high school with the prize for being Most Introverted, he graduated university with a BA in Social Awkwardness, using it to full effect throughout his disjointed and varied career. Without a healthy understanding […]

  • radcliffe
    Radcliffe Royds

    Recently described as the love child of James Bond and Stephen Fry Radcliffe is a storyteller who overcame the twin advantages of wealth and privilege to achieve utter mediocrity homelessness and  despair. with a light touch and Devil-may-care attitude Radcliffe takes us on his journey through the class “A”system

  • And yBodle
    Andy Bodle

    Andy is a storyteller and former stand-up comedian. He has written and performed sketches with Armstrong and Miller, Mitchell and Webb and Matt Lucas, performed with Spark London in London and Edinburgh, and is currently writing a sitcom and a blog about science and dating. www.womanology.co.uk. Twitter: @_Womanology_

  • James McKay
    James McKay

    James McKay is a writer and performance poet. His poems have found their way on to Radio 2 (thanks to poetry-and-prog-rock outfit The Morris Quinlan Experience), into a book (called Quiet Circus, available right now), and a lot of very different rooms. He will be reciting some tragic text from the bible. http://www.mckaypoetry.com/ See more […]

  • charley new
    Charley Harrison

    Charley Harrison is a stand-up comic who has performing since May 2013. She has since performed in Edinburgh, Manchester, London New York and Paris. She is founder and host of Soho monthly comedy night See You Next Thursday (cunth.co.uk) and the alt. host for Stand Up Tragedy when Dave takes a night off. http://charleylucyharrison.com/ At […]

  • 09-uprise-2011-06-square-hand-30x30
    David Lee Morgan

    A performance poet and musician (saxophone)  who has won numerous slam poetry competitions including the 2010 UK Slam Championship, the London Slam Championship and the 2005 UK Champions Slam. He represented England in the 2005 and 2011 Individual World Poetry Slams in the U.S. and in the 2011 Coupe du Monde in Paris. He has […]

  • Slate Islands (Polly & Andy)
    Polly from Slate Islands

    The story so far: Polly MacLean grew up on a small island off the west coast of Scotland. Swept southwards by a freak tide, she found herself on the lower reaches of London, where she acquired a library job to sustain her. Over the years it has filled her mind with intricate lists, dusty dreams and […]

  • josie long
    Josie Long

    the brilliant and lovely Josie Long will be performing at our next show.  Josie has been nominated for the Edinburgh comedy for the last three years. “I am a writer and a stand up comedian and I love travelling to perform my comedy. I try and write about what I care about and I try to […]

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A LOVELY HOLIDAY by Judy Birkbeck

Though the fun has ended up in Edinburgh, the excellent stories, like this one by Judy Birkbeck, continue on our blog.    Graham walks into the parlour, followed by James carrying the suitcase. ‘Make me a cup of tea, would you, James?’ ‘Erm… I haven’t had time to replace it, sir. The teapot, sir. It’s […]

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