What is standup Tragedy?

A regular podcast and live show where people get up on stage and do some tragedy: part cabaret, part variety show.

Stand Up Tragedy is a night where people stand up and tell tragedy. We make you sad; we make you think; we make you smile. Expect music, comedy, fiction, spoken word, true stories and more, all playing up to the tragic form but not always taking it seriously. The night ends, not with a whimper, not with a bang, but with a cathartic sing-a-long.

Past acts performing at standup tragedy have included the likes of Josie Long, Ben Target, Grace Petrie, Lou Sanders, Emily Capell and Jay Foreman

Standup tragedy was featured in the independent in July 2012: HERE and our first 2013 show was given a great review in January 2013 by The London Word: HERE

Tonights show:

  • human loire
    The Human Loire

    The Human Loire is a comedy act, and a series of comedy acts, performed by Michael Brunström. Description The Loire is the longest river in France. I am a human. Hence: Human Loire. The Human Loire is an comedy act, or a stunt, or a series of acts and stunts, performed by Michael Brunström, winner […]

  • And yBodle
    Andy Bodle

    Andy is a storyteller and former stand-up comedian. He has written and performed sketches with Armstrong and Miller, Mitchell and Webb and Matt Lucas, performed with Spark London in London and Edinburgh, and is currently writing a sitcom and a blog about science and dating. www.womanology.co.uk. Twitter: @_Womanology_

  • joetwobruges
    Joe Murphy


    is the leader of alternative folk band Sergeant Buzfuz. His songs are a blend of the pop, post-punk and folk he grew up listening to in Sheffield and storytelling in the Irish tradition of his ancestors.

  • Slate Islands (Polly & Andy)
    Polly from Slate Islands

    The story so far: Polly MacLean grew up on a small island off the west coast of Scotland. Swept southwards by a freak tide, she found herself on the lower reaches of London, where she acquired a library job to sustain her. Over the years it has filled her mind with intricate lists, dusty dreams and […]

From the Blog


Today starts a week of one sentence stories, with a new post each day featuring micro-fiction by Bart Van Goethem, father, copywriter, drummer and author of  the self-published and sold out ‘Life’s too short for long stories’, a collection of micro-fiction (2012). Twenty one sentence stories have been published in print and online. As well as […]



A story is like life, like a meal – get to the end.    Carefully. Daily. Sweet, sweet mealtimes. Last course. He’s got the sweet teeth.    Cold pudding, he likes.    Always eats the lot. Something sweet to finish.    Bands of dough cling to his stained teeth. “Struck it lucky with you, doll… got […]


Buy One Get One Free

To kick off Edinburgh month, we’re featuring a darkly funny fiction piece by Louise Smith. Louise lives in London. In the morning she gets up. Sometimes she goes out. Often she doesn’t remember coming home. Her specialist subject is anger-management literature.  Today when I get to SELFRIDGES & CO and put on the regulation micro-skirt […]

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